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Where is the logic?

Where is the logic?

7 दृश्ये
Humanity knows two types of logic: male and female. In the new TNT show, we do not push them together, but rather make them work for one common result. Star couples, partners on the set, just good friends and acquaintances will together try to build logical links between the most seemingly illogical events, objects or facts.

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रनटाइम: 45:14 मिनिटे

गुणवत्ता: HD

प्रथम एअर तारीख: Nov 29, 2015

शेवटची हवा तारीख: Jul 01, 2022

भाग: 230 भाग

हंगाम: 8 हंगाम

IMDb: 2.9

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