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Zalim Istanbul

Zalim Istanbul

8 दृश्ये
The life of a disabled guy changes dramatically after a family from a small town comes to Istanbul. How will Seher behave after she learns that her mother-in-law has agreed with Agah Karacay? What will Ceren do when she learns that she is supposed to get married to disabled Nedim instead of Cenk? Will Cemre manage to save Nedim’s life with her care and treatment? Will Seniz manage to keep her secrets? Will Ceren eventually fulfill her dreams of becoming rich? Will Cenk eventually find a true love? How will the life of Karacay family change after the arrival of Seher and her children? Will Nedim become healthy again?

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रनटाइम: 120:14 मिनिटे

गुणवत्ता: HD

प्रथम एअर तारीख: Apr 01, 2019

शेवटची हवा तारीख: Jun 22, 2020

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IMDb: 3.4