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My Lascivious Boss

My Lascivious Boss

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Minh Hoang is an agile and intelligent boy, but he has to face many difficulties in his life. To pay for his life and take care of his mother, he had 2 different jobs simultaneously. Thanks to the help of Quang Lam and Quoc Bao, Minh Hoang is working at the cafeteria. In addition to this part-time job, Minh Hoang and her friend Gia Vy work as a streamer. Go back to the cafeteria, Thien Long, a sexy guy, who is always willing to have an evening with girls to forget the wife of my Hanh-Thien Khoi, also owns this cafe. Minh Hoang unfortunately has some problems with Thien Long.


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Koha e ekzekutimit: 15:14 minuta

Cilësia: HD

Data e parë e ajrit: Apr 04, 2021

Data e fundit e ajrit: Jun 06, 2021

Episodi: 10 Episodi

Sezoni: 1 Sezoni

IMDb: 10